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Hey there! My name is Amber Weston.
I live in Orlando Florida and I really love what I am doing in my life right now!

But getting to a happy place was not an easy journey.

I come from a checkered past, as many of us do, right?!

I experienced childhood abuse and emotional neglect.
I had my first child when I was 15 years old.
My parents died tragically in a car accident when I was 19.
I moved to a new state with no job and no money when I was 25.
Most of all, I needed to provide a better future for myself and my children.

It was rough ya'll!
I felt like nothing I did was ever going to be enough.
I held on to anger, mistrust, and had unhealthy relationships.
I felt like it was all just hopeless.

But I pushed on.
16 years later, I completed my masters degree and built a very successful corporate career managing over 200 employees.

I became the success story that society tells us is the "right" way.

But something still felt wrong, empty, and unsatisfying.

So I decided to take a leap of faith (ahhh) and I left my career!

Why did I do this?
I needed to spend time working on my trauma, my heartbreak.
I needed to invest in me.
I needed to tap into my creative side.

Along the way I found my own secret sauce to feeling happy and abundant

and I want to share it with you!

It was breathwork.
It was dancing.
It was going on retreat.
It was being my authentic, creative self.

Now, I work with people just like you who are searching for guidance, answers, and a new path forward.


Soon, maybe you will find breathwork, dancing, and retreats to be your favorite things too! 

Why not try something new, what do you have to lose?
Won't you join me on this journey?

My qualifications:
Certified Breathwork Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator
Masters Degree in Management

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